After defeating the ruthless and powerful Dread King of the Stone clans and his army of mercenaries, the infamous Black Dogs whom had terrorised the hill clans for more than 100 years. The warrior that had became king was battle weary with a new dawn rising. A fragile peace had began across the land. From the humblest beginnings and through many victories in battle he was followed and loved by an ever growing army, lead by the BERSERKERS. There deadly art in war and undefeated battle campaigns where legendary.

When the Grey Company who had followed their own path came into battle with the warrior king they were amazed at the ease and efficiency in which he fought and were won over when, on the verge of victory he stepped forward calling for a single combat challenge to end the carnage, to whoever felt could defeat him.

The Knights where taken aback by the kings challenge and the chancing of his own death. Victory was eminent with the BERSERKERS in battle and a great many lives were spared.

Offering allegiance the king’s army grew to give the strength to over throw the Tyranny of the Dread King.

The Dawn of the King was rising, yet, already whispers of the Black Dogs’ five fiercest warriors said to be seeking vengeance for their patron’s decapitation and loss of revenue, being absent from battle while in the east laying carnage to twenty of the hills clans greatest heros.

While the king was merry to his men and had ordered a feast in honour for the hill clans freedom from a hundred years of war and oppression, there was a quite discontent among the king’s guard who feared for their king, he was weary and may not be properly protected if an attack was launched.